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C2COI Partners: Marketing Assets and Campaign Support Page

 We want to help you earn 7% in a recurring income. 

We know that our platform can practically sell itself with presented to the right audience. We want you, our critical affiliate partners to maximize the click-through rates and return on time and investments for campaigns so that you can maximize your payouts and build a recurring income stream from platform subscriptions.  This page is designed to provide guidance support and ready made assets to support our partners is their efforts.

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C2COI Saves Time and Resources

Simply by Ensuring Your Partner and Vendor COIs Remain Valid YOUR BUSINESS remain Compliant. 


It is really that simple. The platform is an on-demand software as a service subscription service that is allows its users to upload certificates, track and manager them in a user friendly, cloud based account management system. The system notifies you when certificates are out-of-coverage range and automates an otherwise paper-laded administrative function. 

Below are some key marketing messages to use for your core industry audiences:

  • All contractors eventually hire subcontractors, partners and vendors and each must have valid insurance coverage (sometimes several types) whilst on the job. C2COI helps save time, resources and money by providing key features to help maintain 100% validity and compliance. 
  • The C2COI platform helps to manage insurance liability and certificates for a variety of specified policy types for all your subcontractors in one platform and alerts you of a pending lapse and supports yu to ensure it doesn't.  
  • It's a simple, platform designed by contractors for contractors so it's easy to use and configure - a low maintenance resource that does much more for you and gives you greater peace of mind than than a spreadsheet would.
  • All Insurance agents -especially those that sell general liability insurances to contractors have a need to ensure that their clients policies are maintained so that they can save a lot of time consuming coordination at audit time.
  •  C2COI provides an platform that Insurance agents can give to their 
  • Increase revenue per policy sold value for insurance sales agents.
  • Differentiate your brokerage value with added benefits to your insured clients.
  • Most Property Maintain the insurance coverages and validity records of vendors and tenants online (24x7).
  • Liability coverage tracking all the facilities management contractors and vendors.
  • Specify the policy types you require for your vendors and ensure that they meet their insurance coverage needs.
  • Manage insurance liability and certificates for all your subcontractors in one platform.
  • Easy look up of vendors and subcontractor validity periods. 
  • Decrease administrative and coordination effort on bids and streamline the risk on your projects.