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Add new revenue streams by referring C2COI to contractors, property managers or risk management professionals.

Increase insurance client value and retention while helping them remain compliant with our C2COI Certificate of Insurance Platform. 


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Why become a  C2COI Partner?

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  • Provide a value-added service to help automate your clients' vendor compliance process.
  • Generate long-term passive income and revenue when your clients subscribe to our COI platform.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by helping them stay compliant. 

Individual Partner
(All Industries)

  • Refer contractors, property managers or anyone needing to manage insurance certificates with an easy referral link and code.

Insurance Agent Partner

  • Save time during audit season by keeping your insured clients up to dates year round.

Insurance Brokerage Partner

  • Differentiate your value. Provide clients with a self-service system to manage and track their certificate validity. 
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C2COI Program Partnership is a Win - Win

At C2COI we want you to succeed and earn substantial supplementary (or even primary) income by referring the C2COI platform. The potential is limitless for those who actively participate and refer regularly. We are here to support you. 

Easy to Share Referral Link and Code

All you have to do is share the signup link and your referral code to potential subscribers and we will handle the rest. 

Easy DIY Client Onboarding  

Once subscribers sign up and pay, your role is done. C2COI has easy onboarding and support for your clients. 

Marketing and Sales Resources and Tips

Well help you get more out of the program with our email templates, landing pages and sales tips.

No Cap Earning Potential Directly Deposited

Get Paid Regularly. You'll get paid 7% of what your subscribers pay, according to your payout settings.  

Becoming a Partner Is Easy

Apply. Once accepted, you will be assigned a unique referral code.

Share  your unique referral code and learn tips on how to grow your passive income portfolio. 

Refer our sign up page with your referral code to your  clients and contacts to subscribe.

Earn 7% monthly or annually for as long as your referral remains an active subscriber

Choose the programs that best suits you to learn more and join with no contracts or obligations.