Certificate of Insurance Management for Risk Compliance Professionals 

C2COI manages your COIs through expiration and policy dates to help ensure insurance coverage continuity between your subcontractors, contractors, property management professionals and other various industries.

  • Manage insurance liability and certificates for all your subcontractors in one platform.
  • Easy look up of vendors and subcontractor validity periods. 
  • Decrease administrative and coordination effort on bids and streamline the risk on your projects.
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Mitigating Risk Has Never Been Easier

Managing audits has never been easier and less time-consuming. Manage all your COIs confidently from one single platform and mitigate risk compliance. 

These are some of the most common pitfalls when it comes to managing certificates of insurance:


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Not routinely obtaining valid certificates of insurance certificates (COI) to ensure you are listed for all your subcontractors and vendors.


Not monitoring and setting notifications to ensure COI validity and expiration data for subcontractors is always up to date


Relying on a single administrative assistant's filling system for tracking your COIs and keeping them up to date


Not maintaining fallsafe electronic backups of your vendor and subcontractor insurance records.


Manage Risk Compliance Confidently

Pitfalls of not having C2COI COI Management System

  • Time-consuming audits that can take time away from revenue-generating work.
  • Loss of income for non-compliance and distracting legal claims and fines.
  • Staff downtime to coordinating paper certificates and tracking using spreadsheets etc.

Benefits of having C2COI COI Management System

  • Staff and management time and cost savings especially during annual policy audits.
  • Access up to date certificates to ensure your vendor certificates are valid at all times.
  • Peace of mind to focus on your core business.
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Getting setup is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Sign your up your company for the 14-Day Trial

2. Upload your vendor's COI information

3. Manage alerts through your dashboard