A certificate of insurance
management system designed for compliance.

What is a C2COI Platform?

C2COI is a convenient - easy-to-use, low-cost, SaaS Compliance Certificate Platform for managing and tracking requisite certificates of insurance(COI) across industries.

The platform enables ACORD-type form uploads and provides the crucial notifications needed to ensure that they stay up to date and subscribers remain free from audit risk.

Don't Wait.

Remain audit-ready with a click of a button.

Manage your COIs from one single convenient, user-friendly platform.

C2COI certificate of insurance management system was made by contractors for contractors, property managers, service industry companies, and many more business types that require annual insurance audits with up to date certificates of insurance.

Save Time & Money by Automating Certificate of Insurance Tracking.

Avoid costly fines or legal fees by automatically tracking coverage period and insurance validity at the click of a button.

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These are some of the businesses who benefit from our software:

Ensure continuity of insurance by flagging issues and managing reminders.

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Increase insurance client value and retention while helping them remain compliant with our C2COI Certificate of Insurance Platform. 


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