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Are you a business owner that is required to have valid insurance for your business operations and projects? 

Are you required to ensure that your subcontractors, vendors, clients or partners maintain valid insurance coverage? 

Does your insurance company conduct annual audits to make sure?

IF you answered "YES" you've got to watch this: 

Online Certificate of Insurance Tracking Made Easy!

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Your First 14-Days are Completely Risk Free but we are sure you will see the value of this tool and want to continue las a subscriber. To plan for a seamless experience, during the registration process will be asked to choose the number of certificates you anticipate managing, (don't worry you can adjust or increase later, and the ongoing billing term of your subscription. We hope you will continue to a monthly or annual (for maximum savings) but regardless the first 14-Days are commitment free. We will notify you before we bill you and you are free to pt-out with no questions asked.  


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We won't charge you to set up and take a look around the platform. We are certain if you give it the real test you will se the value in an ongoing subscription,   If for any reason you don't get value during the first 14- days you can cancel risk free and you will not be charged. Once your subscription begins you may cancel at anytime before your next billing period. We'll honor your decision. No Questions asked. 

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Getting Setup is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Get 14 days free to give the system a test run. Then pay just $40/month to manage up to 50 vendors or scale up as needed. 


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Simply sign up below and enter Your Company Info, anticipated # of COIs, and choose a convenient billing plan.  


Upload and Populate Your Vendors' COI Data

Upload vendors and subcontractors and pertinent COI data. C2COI notifies vendors as certificates are due to expire. 


Manage Alerts through your Dashboard

Get notifications in your inbox about what COIs are expiring and reminders. Stay audit-ready and compliant. 

Check Out All the Features you Get in Your Free Account: 


Insurance Audit Wizard

Stay audit-ready throughout the year. Our "Audit Wizard" helps you to see where you stand. Simply input a time range and C2COI will pull every policy, ready to send.


Email Notifications

You can customize email notifications to suit your business need, set reminders, get alerts and more. C2COI does the remembering for you, and your contractors, so you don't have to.


Easy Upload of Certificates

Uploading certificates of Insurance (COIs) data to the system is easy and we are making it even easier with the ability for our system to extract your critical data directly.

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C2COI is a user-friendly cloud-based Certificate of Insurance Management and Tracking System. 

We manage your COIs through expiration and policy dates to help ensure insurance coverage continuity between your subcontractors, contractors, property management professionals and other various industries.


Cloud-Based, 24x7 Secure Access

C2COI manages Certificates of Insurance through a centralized location, electronically and more efficiently than traditional paper filling and at a fraction of a cost.


Accessible When you Need It

There is no installation required. Simply navigate to the web-based application and login to your unique account when you have a new vendor and upload the certificate and key details.

Visual Alerts

Visual Alerts for Out-of-Coverage Vendors

Once you set up your vendors in the system, our dashboards will show you clear picture of which vendors are within coverage. So you limit your liability risk.

It Take Minutes to Set Up Your Trial Account. Take a Risk Free 14-Day Test-Drive on us! 

Don't Get Caught Up Off-Guard

  • Not routinely obtaining valid certificates of insurance certificates (COI) to ensure you are listed for all your subcontractors and vendors.
  • Not monitoring and setting notifications to ensure COI validity and expiration data for subcontractors is always up to date
  • Relying on a single administrative assistant's filling system for tracking your COIs and keeping them up to date
  • Not maintaining fallsafe electronic backups of your vendor and subcontractor insurance records.
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